We shape modern brands
for the digital era.

/ About

No one cares about brands that have nothing to say, that lack personality or fail to capture the consumer’s imagination. At Winestle Studios, we care and are excited, we think, feel and act differently.

Brands need to draw on people’s curiosity, invite them in and create a world where the customer is always interested in what you have to say and buys into your language. At Winestle Studios, we can help you create that fascination, tell that story and create branding and advertising that really communicates your brand’s beliefs.

To ensure the highest level of design, we keep our studio independent and focused, working collaboratively from our Dar es Salaam & Tanga office for our clients around the world. At Winestle Studios, every project is met with the creative vision and strategic thinking of all the firm’s principals — as well as the diverse abilities, talents, and backgrounds of our entire team.

/ What We Do

We strive to make the most of your brand, and showcase what is special about you so you can stand out from the crowd. Our focus is to create aesthetic, beautiful and wholly unique work that increases your online, and offline, presence. We love design and we pride ourselves on being a bit different. We’re passionate, forward thinking designers who specialise in delivering bold and exciting web and design solutions.