How Do I Use Video In Marketing?

“How do I use video in marketing?”

It’s a valid question! Video is fast becoming a must-have in the digital marketing space! One of the reasons why video is so useful for digital marketers is because videos can tie in anywhere, whether it’s in social media, email campaigns, or on a web page! 

However, it’s not just as simple as putting a generic video wherever you want on your website or social media. You need a beautifully planned, edited, and shot video, paired with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and well-planned promotion strategy! That’s the best way to get your video in front of the right audience!

Read on to learn more about how to use video marketing to reach your perfect audience! 

Video Marketing Term Cheat Sheet

Video marketing and video production can be tricky subjects at times. To simplify the process for you, we compiled this list of common video marketing terms for your reference! 

  • Video Completion Rate: A metric that measures the number of people who reach the end of your video. This will vary tremendously with the environment in question. For instance, a YouTube ad campaign might only see a 60% completion rate whereas a connected TV campaign might see a 95% completion rate. 
  • Reach: The measure of the total number of people who received your message. This isn’t exclusively tied to video and can be used for any marketing medium. 
  • The Buyer’s Journey: This is also sometimes referred to as “the Marketing Funnel.” This conceptual device illustrates how users go from learning about a product or service to purchasing that service! The beauty of video marketing is that it can work in any of the following stages of the buyer’s journey. 
    • Awareness: The prospect first learns about your product or service. 
    • Consideration: The prospect is considering purchasing the product or service!
    • Conversion: Congratulations! You’ve made a sale!
    • Loyalty: The prospect is now a loyal brand advocate for your product or service! 
  • Organic Vs Paid: Organic is a measure of those who come to your content through Google and other search engines versus a paid ad. For video marketing, paid advertising would most likely be via a social media platform like Facebook or YouTube. 
  • Aspect Ratio: the width and height of your camera in a ratio format. Typically, the most common aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9.
  • Depth of Field: a measure of focus within a particular shot. The narrower the depth of field, the more in focus the subject of a shot will be. 

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Video Marketing Types

There are a variety of different types of videos you could produce for your marketing efforts! Don’t take this list as an exhaustive one! There are endless possibilities for videos you could produce. Depending on your industry, business, goal, and location, certain videos could be more effective than others. The following are merely suggestions to get the gears turning in your mind! Talk to our video marketing specialists about your specific use case! 

  • Customer Testimonials: Customer testimonials are one of the most effective videos you could ever produce! Testimonials also are universal, regardless of your industry or business needs. After all, what business owner wouldn’t want to display their legions of elated customers? If users haven’t purchased from you before, they’re skeptical about your claims about a superior product or exceptional service. Prove that you’re the real deal with the words of existing customers. Written testimonials are useful, but some people need to see real footage of your past customers singing your praises. Demonstrating the reality of the testimonial via video helps make the review tangible for viewers!
  • Product Videos: Like testimonials, product videos make the product in question “real.” Anyone can claim that their product functions seamlessly. However, capturing the product in question on camera creates a shareable testament to its effectiveness! 
  • Announcement Videos: Are you opening a new location or launching a new product?  Put that information in an announcement! A big announcement deserves a big stage and a well-shot, produced, and edited video is a great place to get some views.
  • Brand Introduction Videos: Users love brands with stories and it’s often easier to tell stories through video. Consider a brand introduction video! It’s a great way to quickly introduce yourself, talk about your brand, and make a value proposition to your perfect potential customer! 

Ways To Use Video In Marketing

  • Social Media: Social media is a no-brainer for video. The medium is incredibly visual, so video ties in seamlessly into social media feeds, stories, and posts. Whether it’s a customer testimonial video shared on Facebook, a new product video embedded in an email to your Frequent Purchaser list, or a TikTok shot from your company holiday party, video on social media is a great way to get engagement from your target audience! 
  • Email Marketing: Getting engagement via email marketing can be tricky if you don’t have the right visuals within the body of the email in question. Videos are a proven way to increase click-through rates from emails to your website! Just be sure that you optimize the video so that it loads well from email. If the video isn’t properly optimized, it may not load properly on the email in question. 
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to drive traffic to a webpage, but it can’t improve the web page in question. Google uses the landing page experience of users to rate ads. The result is that the best Google ad in the world can’t drive results if the landing page that ad directs users to is bland and dull. Embedding a well-branded and captivating video onto that landing page is an amazing way to keep users engaged with the landing page.
  • SEO Marketing: The time users spend on a webpage is a ranking factor for Google, so the right type of video marketing can actually improve your Google ranking! If your videos are high quality and engaging, users will watch until the end. If the videos are over 30 seconds, you’ve kept the user on the page and improved your website in the eyes of Google!

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Marketing is all about telling stories and video is a great way to tell your brand’s story to your potential customer! 

Our video production process looks a little like this. 

  • Development: What’s your “why?” Why does it matter to your potential customers? We’ll work with you to answer that question and plan the scripts, storyboards, and visuals that will make the video pop!
  • Streamlining & Pre-Production: In this step, we go over the budgets, location, talent, and equipment needed to make this a successful shoot! It’s the best way to ensure a successful shoot and it always just makes the process easy and stress-free for everyone. After all, you’re shooting a video. There’s no reason it can’t be a little fun!
  • Production: Lights, Camera, Action! It’s time to shoot! We know that being in front of the camera isn’t for everyone. Don’t worry – we’ll make this shoot as fun and painless as possible! If we’ve done everything correctly in Steps 1 and 2, Step 3 should be the shortest part of the process!
  • Post-Production: No video shoot is perfectly executed. There are always aftereffects and corrections and our team is here to implement those for you! The timeline here will really depend on the length and complexity of the video, but generally, this is the longest stage of the process. 

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