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Winestle Advanced eCommerce Marketplace Website


Ready-made multi-vendor marketplace like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc. Allow multiple vendors to add, manage, and sell their products on your site. Earn a fixed percentage of commission on each sale of vendor’s product.

Highlighted Features

Seller Dashboard

A separate dashboard for sellers from where they can view the sales received and total orders.

Seller Profile

Separate section from where vendors can manage their profile. Sellers can add shop logo, shop banner, social profile links, etc.

Seller Product Management

Seller can create new products by adding basic product information, images, combinations, features, shipping, SEO, options, etc.

Commission Handling

Admin can set the seller wise commission or global commission for all the sellers.

Seller Request/Product Approval

Admin can approve the seller request/product manually or make it auto-approved.


Separate sections Attributes and Features under marketplace account from where sellers can add new attributes/features and their values.

Email Notifications

Email notification on various events like new seller request, product approval, sale of seller product, etc.

Orders Management

Seller can view list of orders received under Orders tab. Seller can view admin commission and his earnings from each order.


Sellers can view history of transactions and their earnings from each transaction.

Shipping Methods

Allow sellers to apply admin addded shipping methods to their products.

Seller Ratings & Reviews

Admin can manage the display of seller reviews on the marketplace. Seller reviews & ratings helps build customer’s trust.

Admin End Features

  1. Enable/Disable custom CSS at front end.
  2. Customize the marketplace page title by setting it’s background and text color.
  3. Enable/Disable multi-language functionality.
  4. Choose to display earnings on the basis of payment accepted orders or confirmed orders.
  5. Choose whether seller dashboard graph will be displayed on basis of payment accepted or confirmed orders.
  6. Configure the positions where “Become a Seller” options will be displayed at front end.
  7. Configure the seller details that will be displayed to the customers.
  8. Select order statuses that will be available to the sellers.
  9. Enable/Disable the auto-approval of seller request, products, and reviews.
  10. Admin can view, edit, approve, disapprove, and delete the seller’s profile.
  11. Admin can manage the display of reviews(display most helpful or most recent reviews first) on the seller profile page.
  12. Admin can view, activate, deactivate, update, and delete the seller’s product.
  13. Admin can assign products to a seller.
  14. Set manual/auto approval of updated products.
  15. Set up each vendor’s commission or global commission for all the vendors.
  16. Admin can create a duplicate copy of his as well as seller’s products.
  17. View commission amount earned from each order.
  18. Admin can view earnings summary and list of all the transactions seller wise.
  19. Email notifications are sent to the seller on approval/disapproval of seller’s request and product.
  20. Admin can view, enable/disable, and delete the seller reviews.
  21. Configure the number of reviews to be displayed on seller profile page.
  22. Allow/Disallow customers to to provide their feedback on seller reviews.
  23. Admin can distribute the shipping charges to the sellers by Prestashop Marketplace Seller shipping module.
  24. Admin can add admin commission and admin tax in percentage, a fixed amount or Both (Percentage and Fixed Amount).
  25. Admin can set commission rate on shipping while order carrier distribution is set to Both.
  26. Admin can set distribution from the carriers list whether shipping cost will go to admin, seller or both. He/she can distribute shipping amount of seller products only.
  27. Admin can enable/disable shipping distribution settings from Backoffice approval settings.
  28. Admin can configure whether shipping will be distributed between admin & seller or not in case If admin product exists with any seller product in the same order and that order carrier distribution is set as Seller/Both.
  29. Admin can set configuration in order settings whether a seller can add tracking details or not.
  30. An admin can choose to update the tracking number on PrestaShop order’s tracking number if the order has products of the single seller.
  31. Admin can choose to display tracking number in tracking URL.
  32. Admin can show or hide tracking number and URL to the customer on the order history page.

Seller/Vendor End Features

  1. A separate dashboard where vendors can view sales generated from the marketplace.
  2. Recent five orders received can be viewed on the dashboard.
  3. Sellers can add fax number and tax identification number on their profile page.
  4. Allow sellers to upload profile image & banner and shop logo & banner.
  5. Sellers can add social profile links on their profile page.
  6. Enable/Disable sellers to manage attributes/features and their values.
  7. Vendors can activate/deactivate their products if allowed by admin.
  8. Vendors can apply admin added shipping methods to their products if enabled by admin.
  9. Allow sellers to add delivery time and additional shipping costs on their products.
  10. Sellers can add minimum quantity, low stock level, wholesale price, and price per unit on their products.
  11. Allow sellers to create duplicate copy of their products.
  12. Allow vendors to set product visibility options and availability preferences for their products.
  13. Sellers can create combinations of their products if allowed by admin.
  14. Seller can view amount earned from each order.
  15. Sellers can add the tracking number, URL & can also send these details via mail to the customer.
  16. Sellers can also manage the display of tracking details on order details page as per the configuration settings.
  17. Sellers can contact the store admin via email from edit profile page.
  18. Vendors can view the due amount and the amount settled by admin.
  19. An edit product button is added on the seller product details page.

Customer End Features

  1. Customers can choose from wide variety of product options from different sellers.
  2. Customers can give ratings & reviews to a seller.
  3. View seller ratings & reviews on the seller profile page.
  4. Seller reviews & ratings helps customers with their purchase decision.
  5. Customers can contact the sellers from profile/shop page and get their doubts/queries resolved.
  6. Customer can send a request to admin to become a seller on Prestashop marketplace.

Easy Seller Registration

This marketplace facilitates the users to easily register as sellers on the marketplace. “Become a seller” option is provided on the navigation, footer, and info bar by clicking on which a user gets redirected to Seller Request form. User can provide the required details and send the registration request to admin. Seller registration request can be approved/disapproved by admin from backend. On approval of seller request, multiple tabs get added in seller account from where he can manage the marketplace shop.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep the vendors updated about the various activities on the marketplace by sending email notifications. Regular email notifications improve the vendor’s efficiency tomanage their shops. The seller will receive alerts on different events like:

  • Seller Request Approval
  • Product Approval
  • Receiving an Order
  • Assigning of Product by Admin

Seller Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews are very crucial for eCommerce business as they make the customers feel confident about the seller and helps them with their purchase decision. Advanced Multi Vendor marketplace offers the customers to review the sellers. Ratings posted by the customers are displayed on seller product and profile pages. Admin can also manage the display of reviews on the seller profile page. Customers are allowed to provide their feedback on the seller reviews posted by other customers.

SEO Management

Multi Vendor Marketplace allows the store admin to specify SEO friendly URLs for seller profile, seller shop, and seller reviews pages. Also, the vendors can add SEO information for their products.

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Friendly URL

Manage Transactions Effectively

In a separate tab, vendors can view a list of transactions and their earnings from each transaction. Also, vendors can view their due amount and the amount withdrawn from admin. Seller can search for each transaction easily. From the back office, admin can keep track of all the seller transactions on the marketplace. Admin can view:

  • Total Earnings from seller transactions
  • Commission earned
  • Seller earnings from transactions
  • Seller Due Amount
  • Amount Received by Seller
  • List of all transactions of a seller

Set up Commission for Vendors

Charge commission from the vendors for every product sold on the marketplace. Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace enables admin to set up multiple commissions with ease. Admin can:

Add separate commission for the individual sellers.
Set a global commission rate for all the vendors.
Manage tax distribution.
*Note – Commission is charged on the base price of the product.

Separate Seller Dashboard

A separate dashboard is provided to vendors from where they can view sales report of a day, month, or year. Using a dashboard, the sellers can analyze the sales data and track recent orders received on the marketplace. In a dashboard, a vendor can view:

  • Sales generated(daily, monthly, or yearly)
  • Total orders received in a day, month, or year.
  • Most recent orders

Add Social Links

This marketplace allows the marketplace sellers to add social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram in their profile. These social media links are displayed on seller product and profile page. Letting customers share the seller products on social accounts increase the visibility of the product and drive more traffic to the store.

Show Seller Info on Profile/Shop Page

Vendors can configure the details which they want to show on their profile and shop pages. Sellers can choose to show email, phone, address, social profile links, contact seller link, etc. Customers can view the entire product collection on the seller shop page. Also, customers can contact the seller from seller profile/shop page and ask their queries. Showcasing all the necessary information on shop/profile page will increase the customer experience.

Vendor Order Management

A separate tab “Orders” is provided in the seller panel from where a seller can view a list of all the orders received on the marketplace. Seller can view admin commission and amount earned from each order. Also, admin can configure the order statuses that will be available to sellers for updating the orders.

Add Shipping Methods

With This Multi Vendor Marketplace Website, the store admin can offer the vendors to apply admin added shipping methods to their products. Admin can also enable the sellers to add delivery time and apply additional shipping cost on their products. Vendors can select from multiple shipping methods provided by admin as per their convenience and offer better shipping service to the customers.


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